Mild Case of WordPress Neurosis

Over the past few months of wordpressing, some questions have arisen that made me wonder if anybody else feels the same way, or if the same things happen to other bloggers.

Accurate representation of how I came to this website.
  • Who else feels like a fraud when you follow someone who has been Freshly Pressed? Like, the only reason you’re doing it is because they’ve been F.P’ed? I imagine the bloggers think this because I found them this way, but really, I just think you’re neat.
  • So, do you guys feel bad for your earlier posts that don’t receive attention anymore, or just me? I kind of want to link mine in a new post and shove them in your face but at the same time I don’t see this working.
    What a Way to Make a Livin’
    Allergic to Good Writin

    Whoops I slipped.
  • When someone likes 8 of your posts in 20 seconds, are they the fastest readers in the world, or did they line up all the posts in individual tabs, read them all, then go back and click like like like? …Or are they just faking it in the hopes you’ll come check their blog out? Hmm. This happened to me once. Yeah man, I knew what you were up to! I win! The prize is the honour of being neurotic.
  • Is it a good idea to have a header image? I am forever caught between thinking mine is lame, and thinking it’s alright. I feel like I should be a much more important person to have one.
Cracking open the wordpress debate with the really hard hitting questions.
  • Do you ever approve comments while thinking ‘I’ll reply to this later’, but then never do? Sometimes I look back at posts and realise I have a whole bunch of comments – really nice comments no less – that I never replied to because of my awful memory for such things. I’m also that person who forgets to reply to your text messages for an hour. I promise when it comes to things like homework and jobs I’m better. Personal stuff? No. Trivia: I started writing this on October 4th but forgot about it until now.
  • Do you feel too awkward to write back to comments you forgot about? This is part 2 of the above point. Is there a time frame? I feel like a creep or really stupid when I reply a month later; I don’t know what’s worse, late or not at all? Better late than never is what they say I guess!
  • When you reblog someone’s post and people like it on your profile instead of on their’s. I feel like I’ve taken credit for someone else’s work, and want to say, “I can’t write stuff that interesting – it’s someone smarter than me!”
  • There’s a line between ‘hey could you check this out?’ and ‘LOOK AT MY THING NOW’. Am I the only one scared of heavy self-promotion?

    Join the pretty logos, yes, join us
  • Being Freshly Pressed seems impossible, you guys feel it to? I never thought it would happen to me, and didn’t start my blog for it – I was one of those clueless bloggers who were like, ‘hey what’s this tab?’ I am 100% certain I will never be Freshly Pressed no matter what I write about or how I write it. I just know it’s not happening for this blog, so I don’t worry about it – I just enjoy the posts that are Freshly Pressed.
  • Have you ever checked the spam box only to discover it’s full of normal comments from nice people?
  • Have you ever received a pingback on one of your posts but were never able to get to the website linking you? I can only assume that post of mine is now on a strange, virus infested website run by creeps…
  • You’ve googled your blog to see how many pages it takes to come up haven’t you? I realised that my name is not original enough to be first up, damn kittens.
  • In relation to the point above, this reminds me: people were finding my blog via googling ‘spanking mistress’. I googled that to see how it was coming up. It didn’t come up for 40 pages so I gave up. That means people are looking through that many pages+ of ‘spanking mistress’ related websites before reaching mine. They must have a lot of free time.

And I must have a lot of free time to have written this with such enjoyment. Excuse me, I need to go be constructive now.

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Author: SighOhJessica

I like stories, history, the bizarre, biographies, mysteries, justice, nature and mountains. I write about... not many of these things on my blog.

37 thoughts on “Mild Case of WordPress Neurosis”

  1. I am going to answer all those questions:

    1. I only follow if the blogger is worth following i.e. I will read their posts.
    2. The problem of blogging is that earlier posts get lost in the pile.
    3. Such frauds happen often, but if they are a follower they can read post by e-mail and like all the posts later.
    4. My blog theme does not have a header image, but they are good for branding.
    5. I remember to answer blog comments by only deleting the e-mail notification only after replying. I try to answer blog comments same day.
    6. I have been inactive for a month or through error missed a comment, I will reply to all comments eventually.
    7. I usually follow through and like/comment on the source blog post.
    8. Blogging is a conversation so participating in the blogging community builds up loyalty to a blog.
    9. Being Freshly Pressed is a mix of luck and the subjective prejudice of a WordPress staff member. It is highly random so I advise don’t get fixated on it. I do not expect ever to be Pressed.
    10. Spam posts on WordPress is a nuisance. I check spam for the occasional real comments that get trapped there each day.
    11. Pingbacks that are false are automatically placed in spam filter by Akismet. Spambots are to blame.
    12. I am number one for Liberated Way on Google (name of blog).
    13. The search phrases people use to find a blog is weird but funny.

    I shall now go and make a cup of tea…

  2. Funny thing about your last two points…
    So my mom was Googling “Andy watches movies” and was so proud that I was the majority of the results (I’m not sure what she expected, but didn’t want to burst her bubble) and then she got really solemn and said “did you know there’s another website called ‘Andy Watches Porn’?” and I just burst out laughing. Sad thing is, Andy Watches Porn probably gets like 6532153 times the traffic I do.

    1. Hahaha, probably. That’s funny. Ah, if only my mum knew how to google, she could be disappointed I don’t show up in the results! It’s nice that your mum googled you and was proud, that makes me smile.
      And I should totally start a website called “Mitten’s Porn” that’s just about sexual escapades in winter wear.

  3. I’m not sure about the whole Google thing. Not long ago if you typed, ‘why is there…’ the top answer was ‘why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch’ They seriously expect me to believe that was the most searched Q on Google. Ha . You have some great points there, but there must be a way to get Freshly Pressed, I’m sure someone is scamming it somewhere. 😉

  4. Great post!

    I have read similar posts about the woes of being FP’ed and I think, as cool as it sounds, I really wouldn’t care for it to happen or not happen to me. I try to be a reader, like-er, and commenter to all the blogs I follow and those are the followers I want. The only time I “like” a blog is if I don’t have time at the moment to comment, but I still read it.

    Funny thing is, I have only once followed a blog on the Freshly Pressed Page. I read plenty of them though. 🙂

    Adieu, scribbler

  5. Love this 🙂 and most certainly thought the same things many a time, and done the same with my also not overly wonderful memory 🙂

    1. I should probably use wordpress as a memory exercise! The amount of things I forget on here it would probably be a really good work out for my brain.

  6. Well done. You’ve managed to summarize every particular blog neurosis I suffer from in one fell swoop. The one neurosis I have is when I lose a follower…you wonder, what did I do? what did I say? did I offend them somehow? Ugh.

    Like you, when I think of all these things, I just end up having more questions than answers.

    1. Oh yes – losing a follower! That happens to me so much on tumblr (LOL) that I don’t even care anymore, I think I’ve lost a couple on here too. Must be all my awesome humour?

  7. Hey there. Excellent post. I found you by adding the search term Freshly Pressed to my reader. It does not bring up posts that have been FPed, but posts that discuss the wonder of being FPed (or not being FPed) Through this, I have found a whole host of blogs that I hadn’t seen before. And a lot of them are pretty darn good!

    I started my blog in July, and of course, being Freshly Pressed was an awesome shiny thing I thought I really wanted. Until I read a post from a writer who had been FPed and likened it to a one night stand. That people liked, commented, followed, but after a few days, her page views dropped back to where they had been before. I stopped worrying about it and went on my merry way, writing whatever thoughts fell out of my head. Then one day, I was Freshly Pressed. For a post that I didn’t think was very good. The post pissed off my family so much that none of them are talking to me anymore. I took the post down (and many others) within a couple of days. While it did make my number of followers jump significantly, now three weeks later, my normal page views are back down to about negative 5 unless I post something that by chance has some appeal. I think unless you are a world class writer (which I’m not) or already have a huge following ( which I don’t) being FPed won’t change much for most of us.

    People find me by using some pretty odd search terms too. I wrote a piece about using silicone caulk as a beauty tool, and called my post Silicone Caulk-Poor Man’s Botox, a couple of months ago. For some odd reason, I still get Google hits from that stupid post. People really search “Silicone caulk for the face” So, I must agree with your previous commenter–humans ARE weird.

    I comment frequently, but don’t hit the “like” button much. I want people to know that I actually did read the whole post and subsequent comments. As far as my own comments? I do try really hard to answer all of them. I know I have a couple that I haven’t answered, but in truth, they are kind of weird and haven’t even approved them yet. I used to comment on a lot of blogs, and repeatedly got no reply, so I don’t usually even read those folks anymore. My time is valuable too, and giving each other feedback is what keeps this blog ball rolling, so I feel my time is better spent by commenting where I can see there is engagement with the host and readers, and where I can write a comment that is longer than the original post. Ha ha

    Thanks for this great post! I plan to follow and like you in the future. I might actually read too. 😛

    1. Yeah, I don’t think us regular bloggers realise until after it happens that being Freshly Pressed only really changes your blog’s ‘status’ for a couple of days, then it settles back to almost normal. I like my normal though, my followers are lovely and always like and comment so I have nothing to complain about!
      Ooh, that sounds hard. What was the post about? – you don’t have to answer!
      I take care to not write anything involving people I know from outside the blogging world (not that I would anyway, sorry people in real life, I promise you’re still interesting) after seeing how it generally got people into trouble. I hope they talk to you soon.
      I love to comment just to let the author know I actually read it too! Though I say I never like anything until I’ve read it all,people aren’t going to take my word for it. Maybe I’m just paranoid, haha.

      Aww thanks, and eh, don’t even read just like every post in 20 seconds and it’ll all be fine. 😉
      Thank you!

  8. Haha! Loved this. I’ve often asked myself the same things… and not come up with any answers!
    Never been FP’ed, don’t often read them.
    Wondered about self promotion, pushing my own posts, liking posts, commenting, header images. Liking many posts in quick succession: I might have done that! I tend to open several tabs at a time with different posts or whatever just so I don’t lose them in case I get distracted. And will often hit like if I do actually like them.
    Never reblogged. That does sound like pinching someone else’s idea to me.
    I turned off my approval for comments. I found being in Australia most people in the USA comment between midnight and dawn, my time so by the time I sleep, go to work, come home it’s nearly 24 hours since they posted by the time I get to approve their comment. I can’t help thinking they feel I’ve abandoned them!
    As for Googling my own name. I know I share the name with a priest and convicted murderer! Ah, what the hell. It’s all fun! 🙂

    1. Oh yeah that’s fine opening heaps of tabs with articles and reading them all, it was just this one man who came onto my page, then liked liked liked in such a short amount of time I didn’t even know you could click like that fast haha. Maybe he’s a speed reader.
      I did have my approval turned off, but then I kept getting some weird comments from this one person so I wanted to keep an eye on them. Now that they’ve stopped I should turn it back on – thanks for the reminder!

      Hahaha, wow, good names to share, mine are just boring results. Damn boring name!

      1. That’s annoying. I once had more likes than hits on a post and it left me wondering how that can happen before someone pointed out that people click Like on the WP Reader without even clicking on post. In fact that happened to me just now after posting the latest Chapter of my serial novel. Within an hour or so there were 2 likes but no hits! That’s not a blatant plug, by the way, otherwise I would have posted the link! 😉

        Comment moderation is another tricky one. As a newby I was concerned about what type of comments might come in so had the moderate first thing turned on. I’ve since turned it off completely knowing I can always delete a comment. Hasn’t been a problem.

        Actually the murderer came to my attention via one of those “How we solved this murder” TV shows.

  9. Don’t get to discouraged with the FP thing. I never in a million years thought one of my posts would be … and, ergh, especially that one. I wrote it in a pissed off mood during my morning juice. Also, as a general rule, I think the more images the better. And the spam comments, yeah, what the shit? Sometimes even regulars are lumped in there. How does that work, WP Gods? Another also, I tag all my posts with HAW to bump it up the google search. It’s almost at the top now. Don’t know how that happened, but it’s pretty cool. Oh, and generally, hi!

    1. You’re not the first person I’ve heard say it was a post they weren’t the happiest with. Maybe I should write something really awful and see what happens? Haha. Though I’m honestly not too bothered – if it happens, cool! If not, don’t even mind when I have such nice followers already.
      I feel bad when they’ve commented weeks ago and it’s been sitting in spam the whole time, whoops. I wonder how many spam boxes I’m sitting in…
      Haha just ‘HAW’?? How strange! Totally tagging HAW in my next post just to see what happens. *site explodes with unexplainable traffic*

      1. Hey! I never said it was awful! I’m offended by that! (just kidding). And yeah, I only recently realised that real comments somehow fill the spam pool.

        And no, you’d have to do humans are weird, not HAW. Though, it won’t do you much (any) help.

  10. On my alternate blog I wrote a satirical ‘how to’ guide informing readers of proper techniques to commit crimes. It blew up on Google with search terms such as ‘how to discreetly kill someone’ and ‘how to get away with arson’. It’s scary how some people discover innocent content…

    1. Ha! Wow… That’s weird. I bet they were disappointed when they realised it wasn’t a website on how to discreetly kill someone or burn things down. Though, I have to say that they probably weren’t as disappointed as the guy who googled “weird attractions for a guy” and ended up on my blog.
      And this is why I don’t turn of the allowing of indexing my blog on google.

  11. LOL. I follow your blog because it engages me. I don’t have a lot of free time and confess I haven’t read any freshly pressed but would be lying if I said I wouldn’t like to be freshly pressed even though I am not entirely certain what it means.

    I really enjoy reading what the people I follow write and know people are busy so don’t expect a reply to my comment (but love it when they do even later). I like my header and you are a gifted writer. I love this planet and my life and self expression and millions of other things. : ) My wonderful lawyer with whom I unfortunately have far too much to do with, recently gave me some marvelous advice which was really expensive but I am giving it to you and your readers for free. It is a metaphor drawn from the sport of cricket.

    “Sharon” he said “keep your own bat straight and never mind what the others are doing!” Love it and LOL again. It is a joy to read your blog.

    1. Haha nice saying.
      And thank you! I like yours as well – a mutual like all round!
      Freshly Pressed articles are normally pretty good, if you ever get some free time it’s nice to have a look, they’re just normal posts like the ones from my followers but with double the likes haha.

  12. LOL I am laughing at this post. Pingbacks yes. I noticed freshly pressed is knowing the right people on I always use images, for some reason it makes people more likely to read. I am so I am not even in the same ques but I love to read others works and find great posts like this one. 🙂

    1. Images definitely help people click onto your post – especially if it’s an interesting or original picture. Oooh, maybe I need to know the right people 😉 haha nah I’m not too bothered about it all.
      Aww thanks!

  13. All of these are solid! I usually like the post right away then read it later so I just assume people do the same with mine (crossing fingers). But yea, there are definitely some people who just scroll through and like without reading but that just makes the ones who actually stop to read what you have to say that much more awesome.

    I’ve had people respond to my comments like 2 weeks after the fact so I don’t think theres a time frame. Plus, seeing the comment box light up is always great! The only thing I don’t like about the ‘freshly pressed’ posts are the blogs that get picked who only have literally written like 4 other posts before getting pressed. I feel you’re pain, I’ve never been freshly pressed either!

    1. Yeah, it’s true – a lot of people on the Freshly Pressed roll are new blogs! That’s one of the reasons I assume I’ll never be picked; I have awesome followers who like and comment all on their own.
      Your blog is pretty awesome, if I do say so, I’d love to see it up there on FP, Ah, one day.

  14. Wow, great points. I have been considering some of these same thoughts lately, a header image? My site really looks better without but it has one anyway. Do my posts have any value? Some yes, others no. Lately I have zero content ideas. Your content is far above anything I could write. You have the gift of ‘write’, I just gab!! I always enjoy your posts. 🙂

    1. Well shucks, thank you John. I’ve been fresh out of content ideas lately myself, must be a dry season for bloggers. I’ve noticed it’s been quiet on wordpress on top of my own lack of blog inspiration.
      Mine probably looks better without a header too! I just like it haha.

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