A Film Review

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the movie Life of Pi at the cinema in the 3D. Before I went in, however, I had a feeling that the viewing wasn’t going to be as pleasurable as it was. Judging from the trailer and poster, I thought the film looked boring and pointless, frankly. I went in with a smile though, as we were there for my boyfriend’s birthday choice of film. And I should have trusted him, because like always, he picked a great movie.

Life of Pi was beautiful.

Life_of_Pi_movie_wallpapers-1680x1050.bmp-003From the very beginning of the movie I was engrossed, not just because it was stimulating visually but also because of promises of a story that would ‘make anyone believe in God’. There was also a great, likable main character in Pi played by some hypnotizing actors (Gautem Belur plays youngest Pi, Ayush Tandon plays 11 year old Pi, and Suraj Sharma plays the older Pi we see in the majority of the film, with of course narration from grown-up Pi Irrfan Khan) who kept the whole story believable while being so fantastical. Oh, and the back story of how Pi came to have his different name made me smile.

The movie goes for just over 2 hours, which is generally too long for me and my attention span (and my bladder) so I went in apprehensive of the length of time I would have to sit there bored. To my surprise the time flew by, nothing called my attention to the passing of it until the very end of the film when I came out of my entranced state and found that I could have sat there happily for another 30 minutes (my bladder would not have understood longer than this) If you’re somebody who doesn’t like to see films longer than the usual 90 minutes then don’t fret, the film doesn’t feel long. 

Most of the story is set on a life boat after the sinking of the cargo ship Pi and his family were travelling on with the animals from their zoo, and a cynical viewer might assume that a lot of the movie being set in one location would get repetitive and boring, but thankfully, the scenes are interesting, inspire hope in you, and don’t play themselves out twice.

The boat begins to feel more home like than prison-ish.

What audience would like Life of Pi? When we saw this movie, we were sitting in a cinema with people aged between 5 and about 70, and not one of those children complained / started playing in their seats / had to leave halfway through, they in fact laughed at all the right parts all the way through which means it captured and held their attention, and all of the older people sat in rapt attention also. We saw the film with my boyfriend’s mum and she loved it just as much as us early-twenties people. I think the film can be enjoyed by any age: older people can enjoy the deeper side of the story and children can enjoy the animals, adventure and humour. We can all enjoy the story and beauty.

Dialogue is often funny, and placed well. Main characters are likable and you want them to succeed in their conflicts. The 3D effects for once actually enhance the film rather than take away from it, and CGI is used equally well. Nothing about the tiger and Pi’s relationship is corny.

Oh yeah, the Tiger, Richard Parker.
Life-of-Pi-Wallpapers-11He’s not a cheesy, friend-of-the-humans tiger, he’s a real bad-ass, territorial tiger who is more of a comrade of Pi’s than a mate.
Life-of-Pi-Movie-Wallpapers-and-Review-11-540x303But even a comrade needs a pat every now and then. Yeah, you’ll like him.

Life of Pi is 2 hours well spent with either your children (but not too young), your parents, friends or your partner. Anybody who appreciates a good story (it really is more of a tale than a standard movie plot)  will enjoy this. As someone who was happily surprised, I recommend my first film to you.

life-of-pi-movie-wallpaper-28Seriously, it’s like a hot girl with brains, a personality and heart: you’re drawn to the appearance, but stay for what’s underneath.

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Author: SighOhJessica

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17 thoughts on “A Film Review”

  1. Really enjoyed your take on the film. After seeing it myself on Friday, I have to say it was an incredibly beautiful experience, however, I did go in expecting an emotionally powerful film and I was glad to have received just that. Could have been a couple more 3D effects though. At the start when the hummingbird popped out from the screen I thought that was the beginning of a fabulous 3D experience, however there were not quite as many 3D elements as I would have hoped.
    Traditionally, I often find films at the cinema to be a huge let down, but this year already, Jack Reacher and Life of Pi have proven to be amazing films.
    I loved Richard Parker and the idea of him having a soul that could be seen within his eyes, which made him into a character, not just an animal was a paramount aspect in regards to the film’s enjoyment.
    One thing that I always find amazing at the cinema is when the feature is so effective that everyone is affected in the same way at once. At the end when I burst into tears (it actually happened twice come to think of it), I noticed everyone else around me crying as well, which just shows that the emotions contained within the film were effectively and beautifully presented.

  2. The trailers didn’t appeal to me at all but I’ve heard so many good things about it from different people that I actually might go and check it out

  3. Oh thank you for the timely review; husband been trying to sweet- talk me into it. Been dragging my heels thinking I’d be bored to tears, but this persuades me to give it a go.

  4. Really enjoyed the film as well, one of the prettiest looking films of the year. When I read the book a few years ago I thought for sure there was no way to film it unless you wen’t entirely CGI but Ang Lee really pulled it off.

  5. Great recommendation! I read the book a while ago and honestly didn’t understand what all the fuss was about (I know, embarrassing, right?), but now I might give the film a try. It looks beautiful but I trust you when you say there’s more to it that meets the eye! Looking forward to seeing it now.

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