My very own furry companion is stretched out right next to my laptop.


He’s not as well groomed as the shiny dog in the picture, but he makes me happy dirty coat and all.

Those people who are dog lovers and who don’t own cats seem to think that all cats are unaffectionate, mean, and snobby. Oh how wrong those crazy bastards are. This guy right here has seen me through nights with stomach upsets, flus, boring afternoons alone and scary nights by myself.

Cats love their owners just as much as dogs – they even run up to you when you haven’t seen them that day. I can walk into the backyard and call out to my cat and he’ll come running and meowing right up to me. Talk about being made to feel important. When a storm breaks out, I find him wherever he’s hiding and he leaps into my arms with a mew, ready to be brought inside. If he wants to come into my room to see me he will bang against the door without giving up, screaming until I finally get up to open the door. I am the only one allowed to pick him up. I am the only one who he will turn his head to answer. He also has a weird thing where he only eats food I give him. Don’t attempt to feed him the same cut of meat from your plate, he’ll sniff it and wait for a piece from me. Man, I feel like a wanker talking about pets like this, we’re getting all mushy. But if you have a pet, I’m guessing you talk this way, too.

Every goddamn time I eat.
Every goddamn time I eat.

This year he turned 14, and with that came the diagnosis of gum disease. He cannot eat dry food anymore and therefore cannot help his teeth, but the apparent death sentence of gum disease last year hasn’t slowed down his appetite. Two days ago he stole a piece of pumpkin from my plate. Not only could I no longer eat my remaining dinner, he also made me wonder whether cats should be eating roast vegetables. Not as bad as the time he stole my McDonalds fries, however. They were an exceptional treat.

When he was 1 he was stolen or accidentally taken in somebodies car then dumped in an area out of town. A lady found him and wasn’t going to give him back to us, so I marched up to him, he peaked his head up, meowed and let me hold him close and rush him back to our car. Lady, we just wanted our cat back. You already had 14 that we could see, but thanks for not giving him to a psycho.

I'm allergic to cats, and though he knows he isn't allowed, he will still find ways to put his ass on my pillow. Like a true friend.
I’m allergic to cats, and though he knows he isn’t allowed, he will still find ways to put his ass on my pillow. Like a true friend.

I believe that male cats will give you twice as much love as girl cats, and am glad I have a boy. My mother also has a boy cat that makes for an interesting story (you know, depending on your view of interesting, but then the whole cat thing sure has taken off on the internet) where he was thrown from a car at the size of my palm (and I have stupidly small hands), broke his leg, vets were going to put him down or amputate, sister took back cat, leg heeled on its own after some kind of funny but kind of sad falling over while trying to run, his brilliant sapphire eyes turned green, and he became the biggest shit in history. He’s loving, sweet, tiny and wildly furry, but… evil. There is no other cat like that one. Thank Christ. He’s in love with my mum and it makes me gag, that little sap doesn’t even meow he cries and whines but not long, loud ones, barely audible bleats that you just know he does on purpose.

Furry Companions are what make the dark nights easier, the talking to yourself okay, and the bedspreads forever in need of a wash. I took mine home when I was a kid, and have looked after him ever since. He’s to another 6 years, dammit Tiger if you don’t live to 20.

He actively helps me study and blog.
He actively helps me study and blog.

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18 thoughts on “Companionable”

    1. I’m sorry to hear that 😦 Haha my mum’s cat likes to stand on the newspaper and rub his face all over it when you’re reading it. I think they like to disrupt reading!

    1. I will never understand why cats love to put their butts where we humans put our heads, haha. He may look sprightly but the only time he acts it is when there is ice-cream to be had.

  1. Lovely special pussy cats! I can see a real lot of “helping” going on there. LOL! Perhaps Tiger wants a blog of his own.?

    1. Haha his blog would be hilarious to write. I’d give him a superior, dry tone with a subtly written but obvious passion for his long lost cat friend from the past.

      1. I sweat and slave for a week over a post and get 5 likes and one of my cat blog cats sneezes or breaks wind and he gets 1000 comments. (one of which is mine cos cat blogs are fun to follow) 🙂

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