How To Spend a Friday Night Alone

It’s Friday night and you are not throwing a dinner party or dancing at a new club or hooking up with a date or seeing a live show. You’re actually in your pajamas, alone, at home. Let me guess, it’s probably cold outside, you haven’t even spoken to any friends today and you’re on the cusp of ordering pizza to at least have some human contact today. Well don’t worry about being bored, being home alone on the weekend isn’t a bad thing! This is for those of us home alone on a Friday night with that restless feeling.

Cook your favourite food:
Not only is this a chance to treat yourself after a long week with food you enjoy, cooking is also a great time filler. Blast some music while you prep and cook. Hell, if you like desserts bake one for afterwards. If your cooking ability isn’t quite up to edible level, you can always use that and the whole Friday-night thing as an excuse to order ALL the pizza.

Image result for amazing home cooked meal
I don’t even know what this is but I see the pasta and I want

Movie nights aren’t just for one:
I love horror movies but it is rare that someone will watch one with me (my friends are all total wusses obviously) so on occassion I just watch the horror by myself. That said, probably don’t spend your Friday night scaring yourself when all the movies you loved as a teenager or a child are waiting for you to rewatch them. What about that movie that came out last year you didn’t get around to watching? Heck, just watching movie trailers ends up entertaining me enough for a while. Prepare the movie, get your food, watch the movie without anyone else asking ‘what just happened?’ ‘who’s that guy?’

Begin a Project:
When I say ‘project’ I don’t mean you have to start renovating your kitchen or landscaping the backyard, I mean something a little more lowkey. Maybe something you can do while listening to music or a podcast. Reordering your bookshelf can be enough, drawing and sketching with the fun pen you never use, or finally ordering your wardrobe. Keeping your hands busy and your ears listeny is the key.

Image result for reorganising wardrobe
You’re gonna be sorting out your pile of shoes when you get to the juicy part of the podcast

Find a podcast to listen to:
True crime? History? Conspiracy? Mystery? Specific interest? There’s a podcast for everyone and you don’t have to worry about not having a special app for podcasts, just get googling, ask your social media friends for a reccomendation, go down the YouTube rabbit hole. There’s something out there that will keep your ears listening.

Chat to the friends you’ve been to busy to:
There’s bound to be people you know at home as well, some of them will be people you haven’t chatted to in a while. Especially if you’re like me and get in that cycle of  I’m-busy-and-shy and putting off catch-ups. If you’re really bored you can always call your mum. She’ll love it.

Read that book:
There’s a book in your house that hasn’t been opened, isn’t there? Well welcome to the perfect time to finally crack it open. Reading keeps you focused in a fun way so that you won’t even notice you’re alone and it’s a Friday. Read something new, read something trashy, read something raunchy, whatever you pick just get lost in it.

This is the kind of photo that makes me wish I knew the photographer so I could credit them.
This is the kind of photo that makes me wish I knew the photographer so I could credit them.

Make Plans That Excite You:
Sit down and begin to plot things. You’re alone, it’s quiet and there’s nothing stopping you from dreaming. Plan a trip – short or long, near or far. Plan a book. Plan goals. Plan your budget (doesn’t sound much like ‘plotting’ I’m afraid but you may be able to work out how to pay your bills better, right? Yay? Okay skip this one.). Plan next weekend if you think being alone at home isn’t so fun. Plan something that will give you comfort or excitement in the knowledge that soon enough you’ll be out of the house.

At home spa session:
Not only will your skin thank you for giving it a night of special treatment, you’ll also feel kind of productive when you’re done. You can make a face mask, actually wax your legs (hey, winter has been long), paint your nails, trim your own hair, finally treat your feet to some special attention. If you’re a guy, I don’t see why you couldn’t pamper your fine, masculine butt too.

Image result for home spa session
Yeah my bathroom isn’t this pretty

Pet Time:
Have a pet? Devote a bit of time to grooming and play time. Over time, we can end up neglecting our pets a little bit because they’re simply always there. I once taught my cat to beg for food when I had a free afternoon. It was a mistake. He does nothing but beg for food now when I’m eating… I’ve given him too much power. Now I liked to create bunny play areas for my rabbit – surely your dog would like his corner spruced up too?

Get that video game:
I was shown Steam years ago and now I always have access to games. Gaming isn’t just for kids or for ‘nerdy’ guys, gaming is for people who want to have fun or be challenged or amused. I just finished Two Point Hospital and it was very entertaining. There’s a game for every level of skill. Go make yourself in the Sims, go kill a bunch of zombies, go shoot yourself through portals. Games are for everyone.

Image result for two point hospital
Two Point radioooooh

Switch Online Off: 
If you’re feeling particularly sad about being home alone on a weekend night (maybe you’re newly single, in a new town, usually spend your Fridays out with friends) then I recommend not logging onto social media. If you see pics and posts of your friends doing fun stuff without you, you may feel less-than and lonely. Instead, leave ’em closed and just relax. Everyone spends weekends at home – probably more often than you think!

Happy Friday Night Alone (especially if your lounge looks like this?)
Happy Friday Night Alone (especially if your lounge looks like this?)

Just do something to spoil yourself a little or something you’ve been meaning to. Anything that feels productive is your Friday-Night-Alone friend. You got this!


Author: SighOhJessica

I like stories, history, the bizarre, biographies, mysteries, justice, nature and mountains. I write about... not many of these things on my blog.

17 thoughts on “How To Spend a Friday Night Alone”

  1. Great ideas, I am newly living alone for the first time. It can get lonely at times, but I am sort of enjoying all the me time. This post certainly makes a weekend in look not too bad at all.

    1. Me time is good, though it would be lonely at times. Good luck with the new living arrangement 🙂

  2. Definitely agree with the meal, the movie, the book and going offline! Damn your bolognese sauce sounds nice. *Tummy rumbles*

    Friday nights in are awesome 🙂


    1. Just the thought of spaghetti is enough to make my stomach rumble. Making myself hungry now.

  3. Great ideas! I don’t mind spending Friday night alone. In fact, sometimes I prefer it. I find it no bother at all to make myself a good snack and sit down to a movie by myself, or curl up with a good book. 🙂

    1. I find that if I socialize one weekend, then I’m set for the next 3 Fridays, haha. I don’t mind using them to do assignments or watch television etc any more. Thank you!

  4. I am doing homework, too. Though it’s only Friday afternoon here. If I want to have a really grim Friday night, I could try to read all the Inland Revenue documents about running my own business (which seems to involve masses of record-keeping and palaver, even if I’m not going to earn anything this year). Bah.

  5. Awesome ideas! I’ve learnt to embrace the quiet time when I find myself alone (although I usually find some sort of company as total loneliness makes me feel a little… lonely). But yes – turning off all social networking, snuggling with a blanket and a book is bliss.

  6. These are pretty fantastic ideas. I like to find dessert recipes online and whip up yummy treats for me and me alone. Pampering is a must, haha. And I don’t get why people are so afraid of calling others. I actually prefer talking to texting.

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