Is Bondi Boost Worth It?

I have always had thin, short hair that is very dry and breaks easily. Sick of this, I decided to see if I could change my hair with products. After trying a few drug store products (I used a lot of masks by Hask, which I really liked for their price tag), I wanted to see if a more expensive product would do more. Plus, Bondi Boost is an Australian made product, and I’m all for that.

I kept seeing ads for Bondi Boost all over my social media but didn’t know anyone in real life who had used it. The reviews all seemed positive, but sometimes reviews are unreliable. I figured I’d investigate for myself.

I ordered the Intense Growth Spray 125ml ($29.95), The Miracle Growth Mask 250ml ($39.95), and the Elixir Oil ($29.95). For me, a perpetual cheapskate, this hurt me to order.

Bondi Boost promises:

  • You will reach your ‘#hairgoals’
  • Cleanses and fortifies
  • Creates an ‘A+ scalp environment’
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Grows hair longer
  • Reduces breakage
  • Repairs split ends

I went into using Bondi Boost with a dry, flaking scalp, a LOT of split ends, dry hair and a lot of short patches of hair that would not seem to grow longer than a couple inches.

This was all my hair at the time.  It was short, thinned out, and dry.


The Intensive Growth Serum is a daily treatment that made my hair softer immediately. I sprayed it in to the roots, massaged the scalp and then spread it down to the lengths. It made my whole head feel softer and lighter. I was sufferng from dermatillomania and had just started to get over it (dermatillomania is an obsessive compulsive need to scratch your scalp) and the Intensive Growth Serum did not agitate my raw scalp at all. It helped those very stubborn patches of short hair grow past two inches in length. My raw skin healed. 

As you can see, there is no scar and the hair has grown back. I no longer suffer from Dermatillomania, which is a big help. 


My hair has now reached its maximum length but I still use the spray to keep my hair and scalp healthy. I have been using the spray now for 2 years.


  • Softer, silkier, smoother
  • Less breakage and fewer split ends
  • Doesn’t look greasy so you can use it during the day
  • Lasts all day


  • Stops improving the hair length after a while, but this is most likely due to your genetics. Not really a con but I wanted to make sure people understood that they can’t grow their hair to the length of the hair of the Bondi Boost models on social media just by using their products – you need the genetics for that.
  • If you cease using the product your hair will return to its natural state. No product can naturally alter your hair genetics long term however. 


The Growth Miracle Mask is a weekly treatment mask you use after shampooing. It makes my hair feel very soft afterwards. The mask instructs you to leave it on for at least 15 minutes and it means it. The couple of times I used the mask for only 5-10 minutes it didn’t make a difference to my hair. Instead of standing around in the shower for 15+ minutes, you can stop the water and get out, then get back in when you want to wash it out. I make sure I use it when I don’t have to be somewhere so I have time for the process. I found it helpful to squeeze the water from my hair before appying the mask – this let the mask sink in to the hair better.

The mask is good for dry ends but I even spread it up to my roots when I was growing out shorter patches of hair. My hair no longer has that crispy feeling to it.

When I began using hair products for growth, my split ends were MANY. I could sit down and go through a section of hair and find that almost every hair was split. Now I have to really search through my hair to find one, and they are usually small ones right at the ends of the hair. I do reccomend chopping your split ends first though – products help prevent more split ends, they do not fuse the split hair back into one.


  • Softer, smoother hair
  • Fewer split ends
  • Smells great
  • Weekly use (I prefer weekly to daily)
  • Spreads well


  • Expensive
  • If you have thicker hair, you may not get as many weekly treatments out of one tub. I get about 6 weeks or 6-7 uses.
  • Have to leave it on for at least 15 minutes – don’t use when in a hurry


Elixir Oil

This is a pre-shampoo treatment you use once a week. Leave on for 15 minutes and then wash out. Unfortunately, my hair is too fine for this product. It makes my hair appear very greasy even after washing. I have to wait until the next shampoo for it to be completely washed out. I’m not a huge fan of the smell. 

It promises to leave hair softer but I could not really feel a difference. I prefer the growth mask. It’s possible that this product is better for thicker, coarser hair. It may work better on curly or kinky hair. It could be great for you if you hair is parched, but for my thin, straight, (now) hydrated hair, it was a waste of money.

Note: I used the hair oil during a different time period than when I was using the mask. They were not used in conjunction.


I recomended Bondi Boost to a friend who tried the shampoo and conditioner. She said her hair felt soft instead of like straw. She is now a reguar customer. 


Previously my hair was: short, different lengths all over, fragile, knotty, crispy. 

Now my hair is: long (for me!) soft, stronger, uniform in length and shiny. My scalp feels great. Give it a try! 


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