Withdrawal From Cymbalta Sucks; but you can do it

Here’s the context: Me, sufferer of bad anxiety since a young age, switching my medication from Cymbalta to a better (for me) anti-anxiety medication. I’d been on Cymbalta from 2015 – 2018, 60-90mg dose. You can find which antidepressant is best for your body by completing a liver enzyme test. 

I sat down in my psychiatrist’s room feeling like I was going to just yell at her to fix me NOW instead of having a regular appointment. It had been the worst week, medically, of my life so far. In fact, the only time I count as worse is the 24 hours I once spent exploding after getting food poisoning from bad fish. Sure, withdrawal and a raging return of my anxiety is horrendous, but at least I’m not having repeatitive flashbacks of the taste of that bad fish coming back up, right? Continue reading “Withdrawal From Cymbalta Sucks; but you can do it”


In Defence of the Teenage Girl

With the burgeoning success of posting videos on Vine, Instagram, Facebook etc, it is likely that you have come across some kind of short video of teenage girls doing something ’embarrassing’. Most likely you will see that these videos are accompanied by comments such as, “dumb sluts” / “would like to see them try that in my house” / “fuck this generation”. And so on because people need to type their own variation of the comment despite the 1000 comments already there. Continue reading “In Defence of the Teenage Girl”

Animal By-Products: “Ultimate in Recycling”

Interest in the uses of animal bits has gripped me lately. I keep wondering, “what’s in this that I don’t know about?” An episode of a BBC Three documentary, Kill It, Cut It, Use It took my personal views on the subject to a level higher than curiosity. Continue reading “Animal By-Products: “Ultimate in Recycling””

Surviving Progress


“We have to use less.”
“Nature is not a credit card we can endlessly draw on.”

Remember my post yesterday about over-population, and that we should be limiting how many children we each have? Not just us, but everyone? Well last night as some sort of icing on the cake I watched the documentary Surviving Progress and I become set in stone on my point.

I’m not one to push things on people. I don’t normally try to force people into doing something I’ve done because I’ve found when you push, people resist. But this, bloggers, this documentary was superb. An eye opener. You know people always talk about ‘eye openers’ and you’re like, pfft please, don’t be silly. Well, it was.

Stephen Hawking said we only have 2 centuries left unless we can avoid disaster.


And only if we ‘avoid’ disaster. Spending our lives avoiding disaster? Does that sound fun to any of you guys? Don’t turn away from this documentary of what we need to start doing as the entire population of Earth.

I know I know, I sound a bit nuts and unpleasant. I can’t help it right now. Trust me, you’ll sound just as ‘oh gosh’ after watching it as well (you have the internet, you’re surely able to watch it via here, no excuses) but you’ll also start becoming a better member of society.

If you’d like to see if there’s something you could try to help (consuming less doesn’t mean having a worse life) Click this and check it out, the man was in the documentary, and if he can do what he did in New York City, you can do it anywhere. (Also, I know you’re on your computer right now, haha duh, but let’s all switch it off and save some electricity after we finish up on wordpress. We’ll be like an electricity saving team. Except you need more than 1 reader to be a team… oh)


Stephen Hawking theoretical physicist
“We are entering an increasingly dangerous period of our history.
But I’m an optimist.”

And don’t forget to click on the Surviving Progress website: http://survivingprogress.com/