Mild Case of WordPress Neurosis

Over the past few months of wordpressing, some questions have arisen that made me wonder if anybody else feels the same way, or if the same things happen to other bloggers.

Accurate representation of how I came to this website.
  • Who else feels like a fraud when you follow someone who has been Freshly Pressed? Like, the only reason you’re doing it is because they’ve been F.P’ed? I imagine the bloggers think this because I found them this way, but really, I just think you’re neat.
  • So, do you guys feel bad for your earlier posts that don’t receive attention anymore, or just me? I kind of want to link mine in a new post and shove them in your face but at the same time I don’t see this working.
    What a Way to Make a Livin’
    Allergic to Good Writin

    Whoops I slipped.
  • When someone likes 8 of your posts in 20 seconds, are they the fastest readers in the world, or did they line up all the posts in individual tabs, read them all, then go back and click like like like? …Or are they just faking it in the hopes you’ll come check their blog out? Hmm. This happened to me once. Yeah man, I knew what you were up to! I win! The prize is the honour of being neurotic.
  • Is it a good idea to have a header image? I am forever caught between thinking mine is lame, and thinking it’s alright. I feel like I should be a much more important person to have one.
Cracking open the wordpress debate with the really hard hitting questions.
  • Do you ever approve comments while thinking ‘I’ll reply to this later’, but then never do? Sometimes I look back at posts and realise I have a whole bunch of comments – really nice comments no less – that I never replied to because of my awful memory for such things. I’m also that person who forgets to reply to your text messages for an hour. I promise when it comes to things like homework and jobs I’m better. Personal stuff? No. Trivia: I started writing this on October 4th but forgot about it until now.
  • Do you feel too awkward to write back to comments you forgot about? This is part 2 of the above point. Is there a time frame? I feel like a creep or really stupid when I reply a month later; I don’t know what’s worse, late or not at all? Better late than never is what they say I guess!
  • When you reblog someone’s post and people like it on your profile instead of on their’s. I feel like I’ve taken credit for someone else’s work, and want to say, “I can’t write stuff that interesting – it’s someone smarter than me!”
  • There’s a line between ‘hey could you check this out?’ and ‘LOOK AT MY THING NOW’. Am I the only one scared of heavy self-promotion?

    Join the pretty logos, yes, join us
  • Being Freshly Pressed seems impossible, you guys feel it to? I never thought it would happen to me, and didn’t start my blog for it – I was one of those clueless bloggers who were like, ‘hey what’s this tab?’ I am 100% certain I will never be Freshly Pressed no matter what I write about or how I write it. I just know it’s not happening for this blog, so I don’t worry about it – I just enjoy the posts that are Freshly Pressed.
  • Have you ever checked the spam box only to discover it’s full of normal comments from nice people?
  • Have you ever received a pingback on one of your posts but were never able to get to the website linking you? I can only assume that post of mine is now on a strange, virus infested website run by creeps…
  • You’ve googled your blog to see how many pages it takes to come up haven’t you? I realised that my name is not original enough to be first up, damn kittens.
  • In relation to the point above, this reminds me: people were finding my blog via googling ‘spanking mistress’. I googled that to see how it was coming up. It didn’t come up for 40 pages so I gave up. That means people are looking through that many pages+ of ‘spanking mistress’ related websites before reaching mine. They must have a lot of free time.

And I must have a lot of free time to have written this with such enjoyment. Excuse me, I need to go be constructive now.

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