Is Bondi Boost Worth It?

I have always had thin, short hair that is very dry and breaks easily. Sick of this, I decided to see if I could change my hair with products. After trying a few drug store products (I used a lot of masks by Hask, which I really liked for their price tag), I wanted to see if a more expensive product would do more. Plus, Bondi Boost is an Australian made product, and I’m all for that.

I kept seeing ads for Bondi Boost all over my social media but didn’t know anyone in real life who had used it. The reviews all seemed positive, but sometimes reviews are unreliable. I figured I’d investigate for myself.

I ordered the Intense Growth Spray 125ml ($29.95), The Miracle Growth Mask 250ml ($39.95), and the Elixir Oil ($29.95). For me, a perpetual cheapskate, this hurt me to order.

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