Brother’s Grimm

I am constantly reminded that the internet is brilliant because it can put you back in touch with things you thought you’d never see, hear or watch again. Remember having to listen to the radio for 3 hours so you could press record on your tape when the one song you wanted finally played? Good times.

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When a Goose Meets a Moose

When a goose meets a moose,
At the house of a mouse,
I wonder if all three,
Sit down and drink tea

I wish that I could explain to you what the stories and poems I read turn into in my mind. A collage of emotions and thoughts and pictures, all mixed together. An image isn’t simply an image but has attached to it the emotion of the writing’s tone and circumstance. Imagination is behind all this. The mind’s eye acting out another’s imagination through symbols typed on a page. If you are a person who enjoys reading you know what I am trying to say, don’t you?

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Do You Prefer the Book or the Film?

I’ll never forget the time that my mum took us to the video store and let us hire a movie of our choice. I think I was about ten or eleven, and I chose American Psycho.

For the first time in her life my mum didn’t check to see what I’d picked, she just glanced down and absent-mindedly said ‘sure’. I guess she’d forgotten the whole Ace Ventura fiasco with that weird sex scene with all the animals that I wasn’t meant to see, last time she’d let me pick my own. Continue reading “Do You Prefer the Book or the Film?”

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